Uhi, Honduras (Medical, Dental, Optical, Education)

January 26, 2025–February 2, 2025

Positions Needed

2 Medical Providers
2 Dentists
1 Optometrist
1 Pharmacist/Pharmacy Tech
2-3 Registered Nurses
1 Community Health Educator
2-3 Lay Volunteers (including dental hygienists)



Trip Status



We will set up a temporary clinic to provide basic medical, dental and optical care with an educational component. Uhi is a very remote village located near the Caribbean coast in eastern Honduras. Access is by a small, open boat and a short hike. The team will live in backpacker-style tents. Volunteers needed include medical providers (physicians, NP, PA), nurses/paramedics, pharmacists/pharmacist techs, dentists/dental hygienists, optometrists.  Lay volunteers, especially with Spanish skills, may be needed.

Trip Fee: $1050.00 which includes all in-country expenses.

Disclaimer: Trip dates are always subject to change. Please email us at information@medico.org if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering with this team.

A Look at Past Trips
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