Afomu Kelley


Someone said my trip to Honduras was serendipitous. I could not agree more. By easy accident I stepped into a new life perspective – gratefulness. The opportunity to serve the community in Copan changed my life perspective. I am grateful for small niceties I take for granted – the ease of a life I once thought was too stressful, my children’s easy access to quality education and healthcare, and the opportunity to practice nursing with modern advantages.

I knew nothing of MEDICO before I heard of this trip and met the wonderful people with whom I served this. I was welcomed as a peer and friend. To think this group has brought care to Honduras all these decades is amazing. I see that those that served with MEDICO over the years are richer for their experience. The experience certainly reignited my waning love of nursing after a long two years of global pandemic! We cared for a grateful many in our week in Copan. I look forward to returning to Honduras with MEDICO. This trip was work, it was life enriching, it was sublime. Honduras 2023…I cannot wait!

Afomu Kelley
Registered Nurse – Maryland

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