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MEDICO’s core philosophy is based on cooperation with and the self-determination of local communities. We work on partnerships with local village leaders to address a communities' needs. Communities differ and so our programs differ, but our work falls into three general categories – Health Care, Education, and Construction. Learn more about each area below.

Volunteer Spotlight

"Fun, adventure, and new friendships are always part of the MEDICO experience. Volunteering with MEDICO is an opportunity to do great work with friends from previous trips as well as strangers who quickly become new friends. What gets accomplished in just a few days by a small group of people who have come together with a shared purpose consistently amazes me. Because there is no denominational affiliation or proselytizing, nothing is expected in return for the care and education provided. The irony is that you leave feeling as though you’ve received much more than you gave. When I reflect on the last 8 years of volunteering with MEDICO, some words that come to mind are fulfilling, rewarding, humbling, grounding, and a gift for the soul."

Kristin Kleiderer
Nurse Practitioner - Illinois

Kristin and boy
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