Our History A Look Back at MEDICO’s Story...

The Big and the Small – the Country and the Child

Since 1991, MEDICO has been providing humanitarian service in Central America.  It has renovated hospitals and built a new set of stairs on a tiny, rural school.  It has shipped tons of medical equipment and supplies and provided shipments of school supplies for teachers and students.   It has partnered with major universities, in-country service organizations and been invited to attend international celebrations at the White House in Washington, DC.  It has brought children to the US for needed surgery and fixed a leaking faucet on a village’s water tank.  It has organized surgical teams, bringing both surgeons and necessary equipment to major hospitals.  Its mission work received recognition through an invitation to the National House of Congress in Honduras by the President and First Lady of Honduras.

MEDICO combines the “big picture” with the personal.  As an all-volunteer organization partnered with the people we serve, we can operate national programs and we can lend a hand to a single family.


We don’t pretend to be able to change the world.….. but we can change lives.


Direct Care

MEDICO has sent more than 200 field teams with doctors, dentists, nurses, therapists, and other volunteers to provide care to over 250,000 patients in the poorest, least-served places.


Disaster Response

When COVID struck, MEDICO obtained and shipped critical personal protective gear to the dedicated Honduran medical workers in hospitals around the nation. When major hurricanes devastated Central America, MEDICO stepped in with emergency supplies and food sources to get clinics back up and running. We granted over $120,000 to fund emergency housing and the repair of damaged irrigation systems.


Increasing Local Capacity

Since 2000, MEDICO has sponsored scholarships to local students to medical and nursing school. We have sent veteran providers to teach physicians, nurses, firefighters, and other first responders. MEDICO has shipped containers of hospital and clinic equipment to outfit entire hospital wards and small, rural clinics.


Community Development

MEDICO has repaired and refurbished rural clinics and schools. We have built a housing center for expectant mothers as well as a new medical clinic for a remote community. MEDICO has helped provide ecologically efficient kitchen stoves, clean water, and latrines to improve sanitation and impact a family’s health.

Conjoined twins

And then the Small and Personal

MEDICO coordinated the surgical procedure for the separation of conjoined twins and brought several children to the US for necessary medical procedures. We’ve supplied hearing aids and shunts for numerous patients. MEDICO helped a community build a small shelter for schoolchildren to use as a lunch area and a bench so patients waiting for medicine could sit in the shade.

We have large programs that affect thousands across a country, and we do tiny tasks that improve the life of one person or family. MEDICO does both. Join us and we can make a difference together.

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