MEDICO's Dental Program

DENTAL Fluoride / Education / Prevention

Serving in remote areas where dentists are not accessible, MEDICO has the opportunity to provide much needed dental care to school children as well as adults.   Our dental fluoride programs and teaching of basic dental hygiene education and prevention has proven to be of great importance to the dental health of a community where we serve.

For many years, MEDICO has been educating school children on the importance of brushing and flossing teeth as well as how good nutrition can make an impact on their dental health. During the week of service in remote communities, our volunteers arrange for all classes in the school to receive important dental education supported by charts showing the rewards of good oral care as well as demonstrations on the best way to brush their teeth. Every child (along with many adults) is provided a new toothbrush. MEDICO works with the local teachers to ensure that when we are not there, that the children are reminded frequently of their dental care responsibilities.

Along with basic dental education, MEDICO expands its services and provides fluoride varnish to all, to protect, and potentially reduce the state of decay.

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