Ruinas de Copan, Honduras (Medical, Dental, Education)

July 14, 2024–July 21, 2024

Positions Needed

2 Medical Providers
2 Dentists
1 Optometrist
1 Pharmacist/Pharmacy Tech
2-3 Registered Nurses
1 Community Health Educator
2-3 Lay Volunteers (including dental hygienists)



Trip Status


This team will provide medical care, dental services and health education in the mountain communities around the Ruinas de Copan area in western Honduras.  We will set up a clinic in a central rural location that will be able to serve a number of small communities. We will be partnering with Paramedics for Children  to identify and serve where there is the greatest need.  This is an ideal trip for new volunteers wishing to try a mission trip without the physical demands of traveling and working in the more remote regions of Honduras.
Please note this is a Sunday to Sunday trip.
Volunteers needed include medical providers (physicians, NP, PA), nurses/paramedics, pharmacists/pharmacist techs, dentists/dental hygienists, optometrists.  Lay volunteers, especially with Spanish skills, may be needed.
Trip Fee: $1300.00 which includes all in-country expenses.

Disclaimer: Trip dates are always subject to change. Please email us at if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering with this team.

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